The players from each team will play against each other simultaneously.

For every match, each player can earn points for their team:

In 2-team matches, the first place will gain 2 points and second place will gain 1 point.

If multiple players have the same TWCScore at the end of a match, they are considered tied and their points will be split equally.

Whichever team has the most points at the end of Touhou World Cup is the winner.


The quality of credits is calculated through the TWCScore Calculator. This is a scoring metric which compensates for differences in shot type performance so that there is a point of comparison between credits in a category.

The TWCScore of credits is used to determine player ranking at the end of a match, with each player's best performing credit being used.

For Survival Categories, each shot type starts with a prescribed TWCScore with this value being cut in half every time the player dies.

For Scoring Categories, TWCScore increases exponentially as the player's in-game score increases.

Reset Timer

Each Category has a Reset Timer which counts down as the match progresses, this shows the time in which a player can start a new credit.

Players can start as many credits as they want while the Reset Timer is counting down.

When the timer reaches zero, the players cannot start any new credits, but they can finish a credit already in progress.

Gameplay Rules

Survival Categories

In Survival Categories, players will try to finish the game without dying. They can only die a maximum of five times and are not allowed to use bombs or any other in game mechanics to help them.

Here is a quick breakdown of how different game mechanics affect Survival Categories:

All Touhou Games

Bombs: Bombing at anytime is considered two deaths.

Touhou 7

Supernatural Border: Breaking a border manually by pressing the bomb key is considered two deaths. However, running into a bullet while a border is active will only count as one death.

Touhou 8

Last Spell: Getting hit during a Last Spell is considered a death. Not meeting the time orb requirement in Stage 1-5 is also considered a death. Timing out a Last Spell is not considered a death. Failing any number of Kaguya's Last Spells counts as 1 death, even if the player dies more than once.

Touhou 12

UFOs: Summoning a UFO is considered a death. However, collecting UFO tokens is allowed and does not count as a death.

Touhou 13

Trance: A manually activated trance is considered two deaths.
Additionally, there is a TWCScore Bonus for a credit that captures all spellcards and finishes with zero deaths.

Touhou 16

Season Release: Releasing your season gauge is considered two deaths.

Touhou 17

Animal Spirits: Channeling a Berserk Roar (3 or more of the same animal tokens during roar mode) is considered 2 deaths. Breaking a Beserk Roar by touching a bullet gives no extra punishment. However, breaking either a Beserk Roar or a Standard Roar by pressing the bomb key will always be considered one death.

Touhou 18

Cards: Players are not allowed to use cards.
Additionally, the players are only allowed to buy "Money Comes and Goes On its Own" from the card shop between stages.

Money Comes and Goes On its Own card

The "Money Comes and Goes On its Own" card.

Scoring Categories

In Scoring Categories the players will try to finish the game while gaining the highest score possible. They can die, bomb and use any other mechanics as much as they want.

Some extra details about Scoring Categories:

Allowed Game Mods

Vpatch is allowed for all applicable games.

thprac can be used for practice during a match, but all cheats must be disabled when performing credits.

Counterstop Removal Patches and Scorebug Patches are allowed.

Visual, Audio and Translation patches are not allowed.

Other Rules

Full Official Rules

The full official rulebook can be found here. Currently, it is only available in the English language.

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